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My name is Genevieve Liboiron and I founded Jupiter Freedom Ltd in February 2007 in Montreal, Canada.
I had been working as an eBusiness manager, marketing and product development manager for more than 10 years when I decided to quit my comfortable job and start my own business in something I was passionate about and I believed in.
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the idea
I had the arm walletidea 10 years ago when I went dancing with my friends one night and didn't know where to put my essentials: cell phone, keys, money, cards and lipstick.
Obviously, I wouldn't put them in my would I carry all this in my tight jeans! At the club, I was noticing women dancing around their purses or hiding them in corners hoping nobody would leave with them. I was thinking: "There's got to be a better way to carry stuff around". The next day, I went rollerblading in my sportswear and again, didn't know where to put my basic items... So I thought about doing hands-free bags to carry your essentials and the arm seemed like the best place to start. With a little creativity and ingenuity, we created bags that can now be worn on the wrist, arm, waist, thigh or ankle.
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the business
At the time, a friend and I decided to design and sew some arm and wrist wallets ourselves as a side business.
It was called "Bras dessus/Bras dessous" which is an expression in french that relates to wrapping your arm around your friends arm when dancing. Every time I would wear my arm wallet, I would have people stopping me and asking me about this great product. But we both had our careers to focus on, so left the idea behind not too long after although I really believed in its potential. When the ipod came out, I started seeing more and more people wearing an armband to put their mp3 in while running. I was thinking: "I need to bring back my idea so people can carry ALL their essentials, not just their mp3 or cell phone." Plus, there was nothing out there that was fashionable enough to wear during a night out. That's when I decided to make the jump, quit my job and do it. It has been the best professional decision of my life... At Jupiter Freedom, our mission is to design quality and versatile hands-free products to carry your essentials while doing your day-to-day activities..
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the name
Why "Jupiter Freedom"? Well, first I was looking for a trendy name that fits for both men and women.
Then, I wanted a name that represents the product so "Freedom" came naturally since all our hands-free bags gives you the liberty of movement and freedom of mind. Third, it needed to be the embodiment of our philosophy. I had to dig a little more for that one but after a good brainstorm with friends, "Jupiter" came up. Since it symbolizes the expansion of horizons and growth at all levels (intellectually, spiritually, culturally), it was a perfect fit.
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